What Is a CBD Cream?

A cbd cream is a topical solution that can be massaged into the skin. They’re typically lighter in texture than tinctures or capsules and are intended to be used on the face, hands, joints, or anywhere else that feels tender. These products are often scented and may feel tingling or cooling when applied, depending on the ingredients. Make sure to always read the instructions on the product before applying, and avoid broken or sensitive areas.

CBD has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an ideal ingredient for topical creams. It can reduce redness, itching, and inflammation by decreasing the amount of sebum produced by the skin (Loft et al., 2022). It can also help with psoriasis, which is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by silvery-colored scaly plaques caused by overproduction of epidermal keratinocytes (Shi et al., 2020).

Powerful Comfort: Exploring the Potency of CBD Creams for Neuropathic Relief

The best cbd creams have added ingredients like menthol that can help with pain relief. They’re generally less potent than ingestible CBD, but they’re easy to apply and offer the convenience of massaging your body’s pain away with just a few swipes of a jar or tube. For example, our CBD Daily Intensive Cream features cooling menthol and arnica along with full-spectrum CBD to soothe tired muscles and joints. It’s a favorite among athletes and those with post-workout soreness or arthritis.