Wholesale Crystal Pro Max 4000 Flavours Review

Wholesale Crystal Pro Max 4000 Flavours f capacity, flavour and innovation, the Crystal Pro Max is an outstanding device which caters to a wide variety of vaping preferences. The Crystal Pro Max boasts a robust 650mAh battery that enables users to enjoy up to 4000 puffs, offering extended vaping sessions without interruption or the need for recharging. In addition, the Crystal Pro Max comes with a pre-filled pod, making it completely ready-to-go straight out of the box.

The Crystal Pro Max also has a dual 1.2 ohm mesh coil, which delivers superior vapour production and flavour delivery. This powerful combination of functionality and quality makes the Crystal Pro Max the ideal choice for both beginner and advanced vapers alike. The device is designed to be maintenance-free, with a leak-proof construction that ensures the safety of your vaping experience and effortless operation.

In terms of convenience, the Crystal Pro Max is fitted with a draw-activated power system that provides user-friendly functionality and eliminates the need for complex button operations. This intuitive feature is ideal for beginners, who can simply inhale on the device to activate it and begin their vaping journey.

Wholesale Crystal Pro Max 4000 Flavours

The Crystal Pro Max is available in a range of exciting flavour options, including refreshing and icy choices such as Red Apple Ice and Watermelon Ice. It is also complemented by sweet and fruity blends, such as Blue Razz Lemonade and Raspberry Cherry. All of the flavours in the Crystal Pro Max come with a dose of 20mg nicotine, which is suitable for smokers who are looking to transition to vaping.